Kerinci – the highland

Sungai Penuh

Sumatra is the second largest island in Indonesia, it was known by the name Swarnadwipa, the land of gold. Gold was vastly found in Sumatra a long time ago, it was the symbol of prestige. Apparently, ‘gold’ now days has changed into Palm oil, rubber and Coal. Plantation can be found all over Sumatra. The land has given the people ‘gold’ in another kind. Today, you can see plantation on the side of the road you travel.

Lake Kerinci

My destination was Sungai Penuh, which is the capital city of Kerinci, Jambi. I started from Bangko at 7 in the morning by car.  At first the journey was a smooth, the road was all right but later on it was not not good. It started to be bumpy all the way. The road was narrow for only two cars, and there was a lot of mud from the land slide. We made it through after half a day of roller coaster ride. The first view that made me feel the journey has been worthwhile was the panoramic view of Lake Kerinci. The sky line and the lake was a gift after a long ride. We stopped for lunch. We picked a small restaurant near the lake. We had fish for lunch and it was excellent, fresh from the lake the restaurant owner said.

Sungai Penuh

Sungai Penuh located not farfrom Lake Kerinci. It is a small town with no big five stars hotel. We stayed in a small hotel. We asked for air conditioned room…. they replied you don’t need one, it is cold in the night. They are right….. We enjoyed the rest of the day going around the city. There were not a lot of things to see. We spoke to a local man, he told us there is not a lot to see in the town. At 9 o’clock everybody is home, because after 9 it is not a good thing to be out in the open. They still believe in black magic, and after 9 it is the time for people to practice black magic. We noted that, we would stay in the hotel after 9. One thing my father taught me, during a journey to places you don not know; It is better to follow the rules from the local area to play it safe.


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