The Beautiful East Java#1



I have been away for quite sometimes. This is the first travel since I recover little by little. Even though I still get tired easily, I love the fact that I am travelling again. My old dusty camera still can capture the beauty of nature and people expressions. East Java is famous for its Mount Bromo which is a travel destination for local and international tourist. A lot of people told me that it is a beautiful place, so I went there. It was nearly the end of August, the weather was terrific. No rain and it was really cold in Bromo, I am a tropical country girl 18 degrees Celsius is already that cold for me and in Bromo it was 10 degrees at night. Fortunately the agony of being really cold during the dry season was equal to the breath taking view. It was incredible. I can see the vast sand and green savannah, well…. it is not really green during the dry season. A part of Indonesia that is beautiful.

I arrived at around noon in Bromo. Opening the car’s window, I feel the cold breeze on my face. It is the highland. Bromo is near Semeru which is the roof of Java, the highest mountain in Java. After the long winding road I arrived at the hotel. It was not a hotel… I think it is more like an inn. However, the view is spectacular. We can see Mount Bromo in front of the hotel, the vast sand and Mount Batok. A tour guide offered us a tour around the best parts of Bromo. The Penanjakan Bromo where we can see the sunrise, the Bromo itself, the savanna and the vast sand by 4×4 jeep. And… it started at 3 .30  in the morning. So we woke up very early and it was so cold, but I am excited.

Sun Catcher The roof of Java Say hi to my familyIMG_3273

First, we went to penanjakan Bromo where we can see the sunrise. It was packed with people, some were local tourists but most were international tourists. The star of the show is ‘The Sun’… we all were eagerly waiting for the star of the show. The weather was clear so we can see how the sun rise and the colour of the sky began to change from a pitch dark colour to orange yellowish sky. It was fun. I had trouble breathing though, the thin oxygen is not good for my asthma, but I get by.

IMG_3299Ibu Warung

Second, Bromo….. we see the crater of Bromo. To reach the crater we have to ride a horse and climb  numbers of stairs. I passed going up the stairs because I am out of breath, but my husband went up. He said that we can see the crater of Bromo at the top of the stairs. Even though I cannot go up,  I enjoy riding the horse.

After that we see the savanna. Unfortunately during the dry season it is not that green. Last it was the whispering sand people call the place. I was listening very hard to hear them whispering. The wind was not that strong, so they did not whisper.

IMG_3312 Man of the MountainHandri1

A day… A morning of fun…..