A short visit to Singapore

Tired of the routines that haunted me every day. I took 3 days off from routines, no paper work for three days. Yeayyy!! I decided to go to Singapore, easy access, no visa and near my country. I started by looking for planes from Jakarta to Singapore. Book a hotel and plan my itinerary. First of all, I looked for a plane that departure in the morning, around 8 on a Sunday.  Then I booked a hotel that located near the MRT, so I can go anywhere without the hustle and bustle trying to find transportation. Internet booking is the best thing, now days I do not have to rely myself on tour packages. Why not? I can plan my own tour, with the right budget and freer time to go anywhere. Language is not a barrier, I will enhance my ability using body language. Well, that works in a lot of places. The universal language of mankind. And of course I can speak quite good English, unfortunately when you are travelling through countries not all people speak English, so body language it is.


I arrived in Changi airport at around noon, lunch time. We, my husband and I, ate lunch in the airport. After that we tried to find the MRT from airport to where our hotel was, V-Hotel. It was easy to find. I bought a 3- day Tourist pass. I can use the card for bus, MRT, and LRT. I love public transport. I found the train to the city and hopped in. The airport shuttle only runs from Changi Airport to Tanah Merah, from that station we continued to our designated station Lavender.

singapore MRT map Tourist pass cardIMG_4111

The view from the hotel room is ok.                                   


I wanted to see the Marina Bay. So we headed to Marina Bay. We hopped on the subway to City Hall and then changed the route to Marina Bay. Easy ride. I want the see the Marina Bay sands. One of the icon buildings in Singapore. It is a hotel with a mall and it is near some places of interest. I took a walk from the station. Singapore is known as a clean city…and it is very clean and organize. I would miss this when I got home.


Next stop Orchard Road, the famous shopping area. I do not really want to buy anything but I want to see how it changes it the 21st century. Once again to the subway station and take stop at the nearest station. We can walk on either side of the street, Singapore gives a very comfortable facility for pedestrian. The street is full of lights at night, you can see the malls that sells various kind of international brand. If you like to shop is heaven. I am not that keen of shopping but I like to look around and feel the atmosphere.

IMG_4233 IMG_4211IMG_4237

The next day, exploring one part of Singapore because I had to go back in the evening. I went to the Singapore Flyer. It was Monday so again the places of interest is not packed at all. People are working at 9 o’clock in the morning. Singapore Flyer is a big wheel where you can see part of the city from air. Wcan see the buildings from above. It was raining that morning.

IMG_4248 IMG_4305IMG_4296 IMG_4276  IMG_4320IMG_4407

We also do not miss the chance to see Merlion, an icon of Singapore. We took the Singapore River Cruise to the other side. We walked a long side the pier and end up at the Merlion statue. After that we just walked a lot that part of the city. See the museum and office buildings. It was interesting to see how the old and new blend together. Interesting, especially for a person like me. The old part of the town is quiet and the streets are not crowded, meanwhile the newer part of the city is crowded with working people because I arrived there at lunch time. I might bumped into some people because they all walked very fast, and the slow me on vacation.

IMG_4416IMG_4464 IMG_4524 IMG_4520 IMG_4573IMG_4556 IMG_4578 IMG_4598

That is my one day trip in Singapore. I have to head back home, I have classes to teach and meetings to attend. And some paper overdue. Back to the Airport.



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