Captured Moment

Painters paint with their brush, I paint with a different kind of brush. They paint with paint, I paint with pixels. They paint on a canvas, my computer monitor is my medium. I used to paint with canvas and brushes, I will get paint all over my hands. Now days, I play with my keyboard and change the color with a single move of my mouse. The way is not important, all that matters is capturing one moment in life.



I travel to find views that caught my eyes. I stopped and captured the moment with the click sound of my camera’s shutter. The moment will be immortalize in the form of pixels.  The beauty that I hope will never change through the fast development of mankind. However, my hope is getting slimmer as the time goes by, and development change the mother earth’s face. I tried to make the beauty immortal through the pictures that are hanging on my wall. Maybe it will be gone in a matter of years.

Lately, my photos have changed. I still capture the beautiful scenery which wowed people’s eyes, but I need more. Beautiful scenery becomes a beautiful face without a soul. I want to find the soul to it, a soul that will keep on living even if the beauty dies. I started to see another kind of beauty.  I started to capture moments, people faces, activities, and objects with a story behind them. Each picture has a story to tell, and people will hear them.

Behind the WindowBaliDanceMuara Angke 1

Beautiful scenery always makes my heart skip a beat, but the streets also have a new meaning for me. I find it beautiful in a way I can’t describe. I always tried to add meaning to each moment that I captured. I learn to tell a story and say what I feel when I see the moments pass by. I am still learning and hopefully time will make me better.