Road Trip – Kerinci highland, Jambi

Where are you from? Jakarta. How do you get to Kerinci? By Car

That City Car? Only the two of you? Yes How many days? 3 with stops at the end of the days and some short stops.

Road trips outside of Java Island I prefer to have a 4 WD though or at least cars which have higher ground clearance. It is a little bit scary having a city car running up and down the hills in a very poor condition road, and land slide during the rainy season.

“That hole seems better than the other.” Or “the road is flooded. Can we pass?” Or “Landslide turn around.”

It is a daily conversation between me and my husband during one road trip to Sumatra. However, the roads outside of Java is a tricky one. You can have smooth roads for a couple of miles and a very extreme bumpy roads for the next half of the journey.  The roads are better near the Id al Fitr. The government before the D day usually fixes the road so that people who come to their hometown have a smooth journey. A tradition of returning to the hometown makes the road packed with cars and a long line of cars and buses everywhere. During rainy season you have to be prepared for bad condition roads. This situation will be trickier when you are driving a city car through the alternative roads, not the main road. Imagine a city car with low ground clearance has to go pass a land slide because to turn around is an impossible thing. Although the journey sometimes is an impossible one, it is always fun to get around one obstacle to another. I plan to go through roads outside of Sumatra, java and Bali. I don’t think a city car is capable to go through the roads. Let’s plan to use a higher ground clearance car.