My Reflection

My Reflection

My Reflection


This assignment is a practice for us to write a paragraph. We have learned what a paragraph consists of. First, the most important part is the topic sentence; it contains the topic and the controlling idea. It is a sentence that gives us the topic to write, so we don’t go out of topic.  The next is supporting sentences to add information to the topic sentence, and it can be more than one supporting sentence.  In the supporting sentences we give explanation, or example to strengthen our topic. Finally is the concluding sentence. This sentence closes the paragraph with a conclusion of what we write in the paragraph.

I chose to write a descriptive paragraph, it is one of the types of paragraph. The function is to describe a thing, a place, or a person. I wrote about a place, Malioboro, which is taken from the topic “My hometown”. I like what I wrote because I could describe Malioboro quite well. Even though in some parts of the supporting sentences I am not thorough enough, I think I can convey some of the ideas.

I tried to apply how to write simple, compound, and complex sentence. In my opinion it turned out to be quite all right. I am able to create sentences that describe the place well. Despite the good sentences that I made, I didn’t have a good topic sentence. It was too general, I need to write something more specific for the topic sentence so my paragraph will be more effective.  I changed it afterwards. I didn’t include a good concluding sentence and it makes my paragraph seems not to have an end. I make one to conclude what an interesting place Malioboro is.

In three of my paragraph, the first was the draft I first made. I then checked it with the criteria from the Academic Writing book. I knew that my paragraphing is not yet correct. I didn’t write a title and indent the first sentence. I also make some grammatical and wrong order sentences. The second essay writing is better, and I need to have outside comments to make it better. I then have to make comments for others too.  It is easy to write, but to make a comment to other people work needs more time and thorough reading. The third draft was the final one. It has some changes that I made according to the comments that I had.

The assignments reflect the learning process that I had. Started from sentences, paragraph and then writing the paragraph. In my self edit draft the comments help me a lot to look for weaknesses in my writing. It is important because sometimes I overseen the mistakes of my own work.


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