The Final Draft



There are a lot of things you can do in Malioboro. It is located in the heart of Jogjakarta. It is on the sidewalk of the busy Malioboro Street. The street is near the Keraton of Jogjakarta, and it is always full of motorcycles that roam the street. Furthermore, there are a lot of street vendors that occupies along the side of the street. They are on the right and left of the side walk, so we have to walk in the middle. It is difficult to pass by when you want to see what they sell because it is very crowded; we have to walk slowly in the middle of the crowd. We can buy different kind of things from the vendors. Most of them sell clothes, wood statues, food and other souvenirs. The prices are quite cheap; however, we have to bargain for the things we buy. For instance, the seller will tell you that the price is 10000 rupiahs; actually you can have it for 5000 rupiahs with a good negotiation skill.  If you are not good at bargaining, it will be quite difficult to get the right price. It is not like shopping in the mall, you have to stand the hot weather and walk slowly among the crowd. Moreover you have to keep your valuable things you carry safe from pickpocket. Nevertheless even though it is not a comfortable place to shop due to the difficulty to walk through the crowd and the heat, it is fun to see the things there.  Overall, Malioboro is an interesting place to see and you can buy a lot of unique souvenirs. 


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