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Writing Task 2- Mac and PC

Differences between Mac and PC


A Mac is a line of computers that is produced by Apple, while a PC refers to computers that runs with the Windows operating system. People tend to compare both of them before they buy one of them. They each have dedicated followers, and each type of computer has some similarities and differences.

There are some similarities between the two kinds of computer.  Both have the ability to store a large amount of data. Computers are created to store data and later on use it to complete a task. The data is stored in an internal disk that has the capability to contain a lot of files in any kind of form. It has made it easier for people to work, especially those who work with a lot of facts, statistics or numbers. Mac and Pc have the facility to be storage, and this is one of the similarities.

Furthermore, Mac just like PC is easy to operate. A Mac has an operating system that makes it easy for people to work with; a PC does also. The operating system is the heart of a computer and it is what makes it easy for people to use. In short, Mac, like PC both designs their operating system to be user friendly.

Despite the similarities in a Mac and PC, there are some distinctive features between both of them.

First of all, one of the differences between a Mac and PC that people notice is the price. All Mac products are sold with a higher price, in contrast the PC is sold with different range of price.  PC is sold by different brands and all have variety of prices, while a Mac is sold in a single brand with only one price range. The price of a PC with the same specification is not as expensive as a Mac, since a Mac targeted as a high-end computer. Therefore, the price of a PC is not as a high as a Mac.

Second, one of the thing that distinguish between Mac and PC is the availability of third party software for Mac or PC. Mac hasn’t got a large share of the market; one of the reasons why a Mac doesn’t have a large share of market is because the number of software for their operating system is limited. On the other hand, PC has more choices of software to be operated with its operating system. Especially for people who like games, a PC is a better choice than a Mac for this reason.

Another differences between Mac and PC is the security. We have known that there are a lot of viruses, worms, malware and other kinds of destructive software out there. The popularity of PC has made people more interested to create a destructive program for this operating system; the reason might be that it has a higher impact due to its large number of user. Spam or advertise fraud is a big threat for PC, while it will do a little harm to a Mac. The increase of user of Mac may raise the number of threat. Even though the number of threat is rising for Mac user, the threat for PC is always be higher.

In conclusion, there are always similarities and differences in both PC and Mac. Although they both has the same function as data storage and they are both user friendly. They both have some distinctive features such as price, the software provided for them, and security as some of the points that might influence people in buying either of them.


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