My Final draft

Argumentative Essay -Final draft

Manned flight travel to Mars. Is it a good idea?

Space travel has become an issue from the first time it is possible for man. The first men landed on the moon in 1969 had made an astonishing achievement for humanity. Lately, new ideas to send manned flight to Mars are introduced. Some people think that it is worth the expense and risk, however, in my opinion it is unnecessary.

It is a pride of a country to have a first manned flight to Mars. Regaining the top position in science and technology is something a country looks for in this journey to Mars. However, it is also known that to send a manned flight to Mars will cost a lot of money. According to NASA in 1989 estimated cost of travel to Mars is 400 billion dollar. The cost now maybe higher due to inflation; it could reach to 600 billion dollar. It is said that one mission could be accomplished only by cutting health-care benefits, education or other important programs; another choice is by raising taxes. The expense alone can decrease the welfare budget for the people.  It would not be worth it to sacrifice the need of people for the highest position in science and technology. The price of the mission is too high for the sake of pride alone.  We can wait until the technology is there and not sacrifice too much.

Furthermore, the opponent says economic growth will elevate the well being of people.  One of the keys to economic growth is science and technology. It is claimed that a manned flight to Mars is the key. However, raising the well being through science and technology is not limited to one discovery only. There are other inventions, such as a Hoover Dam, that is more useful for human kind. The dam will help man to control the availability of water in the reservoir, and as we know water is crucial to all human activities and its well being. There are a lot of discoveries that within our reach should be prioritized. The prosperity of the people through economic growth can be reached by other discovery, so it is not necessary to only have a manned flight to Mars as the key.

The final argument believed by the opponent is that the result of the experiments and studies will be quicker, if we send human being to Mars. However, it is a fact that a lot of achievements in the space exploration are achieved without sending human to Mars. For instance, we can have the evidence of water existence with only automated probes and automated space telescope. Moreover, analysing rocks and minerals can be done in the laboratory on earth after sending an unmanned craft to Mars for samples.  So the importance of sending human in the exploration can be replaced by other ways, it is not necessary to send them directly to Mars.

In conclusion, although space exploration is important, sending a manned flight to Mars is not necessary for the time being. There are a lot of things to be considered, expenses is one that stands out.  Pride alone is not enough reason to send a mission with people to Mars. Moreover, economic growth can be reached by other means. Furthermore, we can still have good results by not sending human to Mars; an unmanned ship will still be enough. Therefore, in my opinion, a manned flight to Mars is unnecessary and way to expensive to be done today.



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